Goggle Program Important Updates

NEW!! 10/9/2017:

BOTH Parent Application Forms and Doctor Office Order Forms need everyone to verify the current address information and the proper placement of FIRST and LAST names BEFORE submitting order. We have been experiencing goggles being returned for inaccurate addresses. Our fiscal year runs from July 1st through June 30th.  We will continuously accept Applications and Orders 12 months out of the year, unless we run out of funding when approaching our June 30, contract end.

All parents must wait 12 full months before applying for another pair of goggles, even if a child’s prescription has changed, unless it is a major change.  It is important to make sure child’s prescription is up to date when ordering. If there are no changes in prescription or size of goggles even after the 12 month time limit, please do not place a new order, thus allowing other children to participate in our program.

Old paper vouchers are always valid, if they still exist.  Participating Office List link is located on the Application Form and within the Goggle website.  Refer all parents to the website for answers to their questions. Email address for all questions and concerns, has changed to oos@ohioeye.org or rschnuerer@osma.org. Thank you.